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Bruce Koike. Gyotaku Artist.

Having grown up in San Diego, fish and fishing have always been part of Bruce’s life.  This aquatic interest led to his coming to the Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center to earn a Masters degree in Fisheries Science.  During this time, in 1985, Bruce first attempted and developed in art of Gyotaku.  After graduating, Bruce began working at the Aquarium of the Americas (New Orleans) where a volunteer diver was the first person to purchase a Koike fish print.


Bruce’s Gyotaku art reflects the design and beauty of fishes: “These animals are perfectly adapted to live in diverse habitats, whether in rivers or in the deep ocean.   Gyotaku is the perfect medium to reflect the dynamics of aquatic life.  Gyotaku can highlight the individual fish, illustrate interactions of multiple fish, or illustrate the specific habitat where the animal lives”.  Regarding the anatomy of the fish or invertebrate, Bruce seeks to display the organism with a sense of realism.


Bruce obtains specimens from his public aquarium colleagues, research scientists, Asian markets, commercial fishers, recreational anglers and has, on occasion, been successful at catching a specimen or two.  Additionally, he has printed over 150 different species of aquatic animals including fishes, seaweeds, crabs, clams, octopus, and squid.  At a local restaurant, he also presented a collection of vegetables for its grand opening.


Bruce has shown at venues including the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, Oregon State University’s Holiday Marketplace, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Lake Oswego Art Festival, Bellevue Arts and Craft Show and local eateries. 

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